Hello there, I’m Hayley. Nice to meet you. Please, take a seat. The kettle is on already.

Welcome to my About Me Page. I guess you’d like to know some things about me.

The first 27 years were pretty entertaining but weren’t that interesting, professionally. So one day, I decided I needed to get serious and get a career. I sat down, googled ‘lists of jobs’ and upholstery won (over my other short listed careers of ‘dog groomer’ or ‘funeral director’). I started on a training course for eighteen months then got a job, specialising in luxury superyachts.

After four years of gainful employment, turning out a wide range of bespoke luxury goods, I decided to brave it on my own and go freelance.

I love the sense of history involved in upholstery! As society gets more disposable, it would be so easy to throw away furniture just because it was in need of a little TLC. Reupholstery shows that people still value to past.

And there’s the variety. When you learn to sew, you feel like a super hero and nothing is impossible anymore. Since getting into upholstery, I’ve made mattresses, curtains, ceiling panels, headboards, and seating. I’ve upholstered James Bond’s yacht from Skyfall (James Bond isn’t actually the owner of the yacht. Sorry, spoiler alert), and sewn patches onto the leather jackets of a biker gang. What more could you want from a job?

As a newcomer to Bristol in 2017, I’m absolutely obsessed with exploring the city. I love that there’s just so much happening here all the time! You can never, ever get bored.


    Send a photo of your project and we can work together to make something beautiful and unique. We can talk you through all your options, at every step of the process, to create something perfect for your home.