Terms & Conditions

1. We endeavour to deliver items forming part of this contract at the specified time, our
obligation however is to deliver on time provided the materials to complete the work are
available at the time the work is to be undertaken. We will keep the client informed at all
times of supply problems or other factors which can affect delivery times.


2. Any changes or additional instructions must be confirmed in writing and a price agreed
before work can continue.


3. We do our best to advise customers of suitability of fabrics, whether supplied by us or
not. We can only take responsibility for materials which are supplied by us. Covering fabric
supplied by the client is at their own risk. Shortage and faults in fabrics supplied by the
client is the client’s own responsibility. I reserve the right to decline to use client supplied fabric which I believe is not fit for purpose.


4. All new fillings and cover fabrics supplied by us and applied to furniture manufactured
after 1 st January 1950 must comply with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety)
Regulations 1988. Any fabrics supplied by clients to not legally need to comply to fire regulations but I can advise you if this is something which concerns you.


5. When a client supplies their own fabric it is their responsibility to ensure the fabric is
suitable for purpose in which they intend to use it and that is complies with the relevant
regulations in force with regard to Fire and Safety (as outlined in clause 4)


6. Additional work, which may not be apparent when the original quote is provided will be
advised to the client on discovery and a course of action agreed. This includes frame
repairs which are hidden by upholstery.


7. All old covers will be removed prior to upholstery; these covers will be discarded unless
the client advises they are to be returned prior to work starting in writing.


8. A non refundable payment of 50% is required for us to accept an order. Work will be booked into the calendar when the deposit is received and a start date for the work will be advised. The balance is
due in full on the day of delivery or before.


9. Please be aware that photographs of your furniture may be used to promote our